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The 5th China International BioPharma Conference & Exhibition  

Exhibition Introduction:

The 5th China International BioPharma Exhibition(BIOEXPO-CHINA 2022) will be held on September 17-19 in China Medical City Convention and Exhibition Center,Taizhou China. BIOEXPO-CHINA 2022 will invite exhibitors and Professional visitors from all over the world. It will focused in the fields of gene engineering,cell engineering, Microbial Engineering,biological Instrument, etc. for people from pharmaceutical or biotech companies, research institutes and all other related industries to meet and interact with each other on the most recent market innovations and lucrative business opportunities.

Exhibition Time

September 17-19 Taizhou China  China Medical City Convention and Exhibition Center

Opening time 9:30(AM)-5:30(PM)

Exhibits Profile:

Biopharma and Biotech

 - Protein

 - Drug Research & Development

 - Biotechnology

 - Antigen

 - Therapeutics

 - Diagnostic Reagents

 - Antibodies

 - Bio-manufacturing

 - Biological Engineering

 - Vaccines

 - Cell Biology

 - Nanotechnology

 - Polypeptide

 - Clinical Trials

 - Bioanalysis

 - Enzyme

 - Genomic / Genetics

 - Biofuels

   - Bioprocessing

 - Personalized Medicine

 - Bioinformatics

 - Biologics

 - Stem Cell Research

 - Database Management  

Research Devices, Reagents
 - Cultures, Reagents
 - Libraries
 - Sequencers
 - Crystal Screening Kits/Devices
 - Drug Discovery Seeds
 - Automatic Dispensers
 - Cell Lines
 - Intermolecular Interaction Analysis Devices

 - Hybridoma Screening, Kits etc.

Contract Services
 - Biopharma Development, Manufacturing Services
 - Analysis, Quality Assurance, Testing Services
 - Other Contract Services
 - Investigational Drug Manufacturing Services
 - Pharmaceutical Development Services
 - Staffing Servicesetc.
Biopharma Ingredients
 - Biopharma Ingredients, APIs
 - Enzymes
 - Auxiliary Materials
 - Additives
 - Stabilizers
 - Test Kits etc.

Sterilization, Cleanroom Devices
 - Cleanrooms, Benches, Isolators
 - Sterilizers, Autoclaves
 - Water Purification Systems
 - Air Conditioning, Air Showers
 - Cleanroom Garment, Gloves, Masks
 - Sterilizing Filters

 - Washing/Drying Machines etc.

Filling, Freeze Dryers
 - Filling Machines
 - Vials, Containers
 - Freeze Dryers
 - Filling Needles
 - Syringe Containers
 - Liquid Filling Capsules
 - Single-use Filling Systems
 - Filling Pumps
 - Receiver Tanks etc.

Fermentation, Culture System, Equipment
 - Bioreactors
 - Culture Vessels, Flasks
 - Homogenizers, High Pressure Homogenizers
 - CO2 Incubators
 - Single-use Bags, Disposables

 - Suspension Culture System etc.

Separation, Purification, Concentration Devices/Kits

 - Purification Devices
 - Virus Filtration Devices
 - Membrane Filtration Units
 - Ultra-filtration, Micro-filtration Filters
 - Purification Columns
 - Centrifuges

 - Continuous Centrifugesetc.

Components, Measuring Devices
 - Cell Measurement Devices
 - pH, DO Sensors
 - Pumps
 - Piping Systems/Plumbing
 - Tubes
 - Valves
 - Connectors

 - Pressure Metersetc.

Safety, Quality Assurance
 - Analyzers for Quality Management
 - Particle Measuring Devices
 - Aggregate Evaluation Systems
 - Sugar Chain/Carbohydrate Analysis Systems
 - Viscometers
 - Stability Evaluation Devices

 - Amino Acid Analysis Systems etc.

Plant Engineering
 - Engineering Services
 - GMP/Validation Services
 - Chromatography Chambers
 - Air Conditioning, HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filters
 - Bioplant Designing, Construction Services
 - Process Control Systems etc.
Visitor Profile
Professionals from Pharma companies, CMOs, Drug Discovery Start-ups, etc.
Specialised in:
 - R&D
 - Production Engineering
 - CMC Research
 - Manufacturing
 - Licensing, IP
 - Business Development etc. 

Professionals related to life sciences and biotechnology from Research institutes, universities, enterprises, hospitals, investment and financing institutions, etc.

 Important Points to be Followed:


No tapes, nails or fixtures of any kind are allowed to be affixed to the partitions, floor or ceiling. Exhibitors

are liable for any damage caused to their booth fixtures and fitting at the exhibition. 


No freestanding fitment may exceed 2.5 meters in height or extend beyond the boundaries of the booth cell. 


All exhibits and stand materials shall be removed immediately after the closing of the exhibition according to the 

arrangements and within the time limits specified by the host. Any exhibits or stand materials left behind at the 

exhibition venue shall be deemed abandoned. Exhibitors are responsible for the expense of the disposed items. 


Standard Booth Shell includes: 


a) 3m (L) x 3m (W) x 2.5m (H) Polykem wall panel 

b) 0.25m (H) fascia board with Chinese/English company name and booth number 

c) 1m (L) x 0.5m (W) x 0.75m (H) information counter x 1 no. 

d) Folding chair in white colour x 4 nos. one round glass table